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Marc2's Life and Stuff
Because life, is all about living.
Ok, got home, was out with friends.

The Santa Ana Windows are blowing outside. They are fairly strong, warm, and very dry.

I woke up, dry as can be, went out, car being pushed by winds on the road. My eyes burning slightly, and my nose sniffly.

I was warned about the winds, but wow, they are indeed not friendly at all.

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So Today,

I was planning on going out to Club Lucky Sunday.

It was all fine and dandy. I was going to meet up a friend over there, and it was going to be interesting. I was originally planning only to watch the drag show @ 10, and I was going to go home.

I was driving to the place, contacted friend, and he could not go. Again, it was fine, I was just going to see a drag show. I had the directions on my PDA, and it was all good.

So I try getting to the place, and I keep on not seeing it, I stop, try mapping it directly from the phone, and it seems to point to the same place. I park once or twice to get bearings. Once near a Denny's, and then once near some government buildings.

I try to pull up the map from another place, but then my internet on the phone is just not work. So, by now, the drag show is half way over, I seem to be lost, and I am miffed. I see a car that might be going to the same place, I follow it, and nope, a dud.

So, I end up going home, I bit annoyed. I get on my computer... Pull up the location AND...

The place that the map was telling me is correct. The only thing is that the entrance is off a road, back a bit, and then you turn into it. So, there was not way in hell I could have found it.

If I had read the location/direction info from the website page, that shows that, I would have seen that the entrance is not easy to find.


Yeah, so I am at home, with the shirt I bought to go out on, and just annoyed at the fact I Didn't find, and then at the fact I passed by it about 5 times without knowing it. *sigh*

Maybe next sunday... Maybe.

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Monday, at 5am, I got up, and went for a run.
Next day, Tuesday, at 5am, I got up, and went for a run.

Monday was fine, Tuesday I felt the kickback. I left all my muscles, coming back to life. Well, having the feeling of being used with vigor again.

I felt like I was a mummy at work Tuesday. That was very interesting indeed. My legs were heavy, my walk was funny, and my boss tells me, that still on the third day, I will feel it. Fun, fun fun.

So Wednesday, I will still wake up at 5am, and go run, because I should really. I know that here on after, I will not have to worry about things. Well, I will still feel the burn. That was all good.

But, I will keep running, and make it a habit. It's time I start taking care of my body again, age only progresses.

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Hello everyone.

This blog will be neandering while I move to California.

I got a blogger blog for my roadtrip, since it's easy to post pictures, and do easy messages online from there. It's conveniet, and I needed that.

So the address is: http://marciocali.blogspot.com

Go visit it. Leave Messages. You will be able to see my trip as it goes along.


See y'all in California.


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So, here's the deal. I accepted a job in California. They want me to be there tomorrow if I can.

In reality, I can't be there tomorrow. I still have to pack up everything, and go.

I'm sitting here, flabbergasted. I accepted the offer, which means I have to move.

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Sometimes it's healthy to buy some technology that seems frilly.

I've had a 17 inch and a 15 inch monitor, siting side by side. This is not very suitable for what I want to do. The 17/17 combo was fine, but unfortunately one of the 17s, didn't survive. It was old, and it died.

So, today, I went to Ginstar, and bought a 21 inch monitor. I have to say, I'm a much happier man now. The increased area I have to work with, is a great addition. Less scrolling than before, and also, it's much easier on the eyes.

I have to say. Happiness is 21 inches. As time goes along, I do plan on getting dual large monitors, and putting them side by side. I would not mind a 23/23 combo. :)

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I had some delicious chocolate dessert, from Bahama Breeze.

There were little plastic containers. And one had chocolate mousse all over it. So I decided to lick it, but, the lid had a sharp edge. So, essentially, I noticed it, as it was cutting into my tongue...

Next time, I will just make sure to not lick the sharp edge of the lid.


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So, this past week, I went to see Rocco Deluca and The Burden. The show was great. Another group, called Five Star Iris, was also there. Kiefer Sutherland was also there, since he supports rock and all that. (Trust me, he said it, and explained it, much better. I am sure someone captured the video somewhere)

The show was very interesting. It was high-energy, professional, and great overall.

I was tired as shit frankly, but all good. I was pretty much starring into space by the end of the show. I know tragic, but it's all good. In all reality, I had fun, and enjoyed the show.

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So, today, I got my first official. "We have decided to pursue other candidates at this time" letter.

Granted, I also thing that was good. The main reason being, that I was so focused on that one company, that I didn't apply to a broad range of companies. I focused on this company, and went through with it.

Still, it's all good. This just means, I won't move up north just yet. Maybe if another company comes along, that pleases me, I just might.

I do have to say, I did a phone interview today, with another company, and that went well, I think.

All I have to do now, is respond to those e-mails, and phone calls, that wanted to know if I would be interested in their available positions. The answer now is yes.

This first set, thought me a fair amount about how the processes goes, and I am better for it.

Here we go some more, on the voyage to get a job.

Current Location: job hunt, denial

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I went to a career fair this past Monday.

It was at the basement of the OMNI in downtown Atlanta. I do have to say, it was a very intimidating, yet friendly atmosphere. Yes, it was odd. There was the pressure of talking to people, that can essentially interview someone, and put them on the line to be hired straight away.

So, I walk in there, feeling under dressed. The guys over there, all dressed in black suits, with black slacks. I was wearing something with more color, like blue. Still, I felt out of place from the start. This was compounded together with the fact that I never went to one, and I'm just a bit introverted, made this experience very interesting.

I did come out, having learned a lot, and also have learned to present myself in a short amount of time. I do have to say, that having a short list of goals, and accomplishments would have helped. That along with internships, which seemed to attract the interest of the recruiters.

Also, getting there early is good. Companies do leave, and don't always stay there the whole day. It's a good idea to get there early, see who is there, look to see what companies are interested on your degree, and hit them all.

I did get a callback, which was nice, and have set up a phone interview. This was one of the two companies, that I had internally tagged as a good choice. So, I'm happy.

Still, Career fairs are intimidation, and sometimes, not very friendly, but in the end, it's a good learning experience.

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